Langogo Genesis A.I. Language Translator

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Personal Translator On-The-Go


Two-Way Translation for 105 Languages

Get instant two-way translation for up to 105 languages with Langogo AI translator. You can now travel around the world without worrying about communication.



One-Button Translation Within One Second

Langogo offers a unique one-button two-way translation. It can automatically recognize the inter-translation language, which means when you say one language, Langogo translates your words to the other language automatically. No A/B buttons, no extra App.


Accurate Translation

Powered by 24 world-leading translating engines, it ensures the translation of the highest accuracy for 105 languages.


Pocket-Size Translator

With a portable size of only 4.8*2.1*0.5 inches, Langogo easily fits into your pocket and translates for you wherever you go.




Retina Display & Touchscreen

The 3.1-inch Retina display provides the user with an excellent reading experience besides a smoother touchscreen control.


Dual Microphones & Speakers

With its active noise reduction dual-microphone, Langogo picks up human voice cleverly within 30 inches, then reads out the translation clearly and loudly through its dual-speaker, even on noisy streets.


Cellular, Wi-Fi and Hotspot Sharing


Cellular & Wi-Fi Connection

Langogo supports eSIM cellular and Wi-Fi network connections to ensure it stays connected with the Internet while traveling.


Hotspot Sharing On-The-Go

Langogo is not only a translator but also a mobile Wi-Fi hotspot router. With eSIM activated, you can easily share network via hotspot with up to five devices simultaneously without inserting an extra local SIM card or connecting to Wi-Fi.

* SIM Card could be an alternative option and NOT included.


System Features


8 System Languages Available

You can easily switch the system language to another language. Eight system languages ​​are available currently: English, Spanish, French, German, Japanese, Korean, Traditional Chinese, and Simplified Chinese.


Lifetime Update Service

Langogo supports lifetime update service, which continuously improves the stability, performance, and safety of Langogo. New languages ​​and system functions will be constantly replenished and available for online update on your Langogo.


Euri, Your Intelligent Voice Assistant

More than a translator, Langogo is also an intelligent voice assistant. It can deliver useful information including weather forecasts, exchange rates, nearby attractions and hotels, and so on. More powerful skills, such as navigation, travel guides, taxi booking, etc.will be available shortly.


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    Langogo Genesis A.I. Language Translator
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