Autowit Fresh 2 Air Purifier

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Ultimate Portable Air Purifier & Humidifier for your car and home


Air Purifier and Humidifier Two-In-One

Autowit Fresh 2 combines air purifier and ultrasonic humidifier to gets rid of indoor pollution and add moisture to the air. This petite, water bottle sized air purifier/humidifier is super portable, fits right into the cupholder in your car and efficiently removes all sorts of airborne pollutants, allergens, and odors in the car and other small spaces alike.


Three-Stage Air Filtration

Effectively removes 90% the PM2.5, pollen, smoke, dust, floccus, formaldehyde, unpleasant odors and more with its 3-stage filtration and large size filter element.


4 Adjustable Airflow Modes

Flexibly switch between 4 different modes provided by Autowit Fresh 2 Air Purifier according to the air condition of the car.


10x As Efficient Compound HEPA Filter

Autowit Fresh 2‘s HEPA and coconut shell activated filter has an air contact area that’s 10 times as big as regular filters, making Fresh 2 way more efficient and effective than the rest purifiers when it comes to filtering the dust, smoke, PM2.5 and more.


Intuitive Air Quality Indicator

With the built-in smart sensor, Fresh 2 automatically detects the indoor air quality and visually displays its effective performance via a color-coded LED system.


Keep Your Surroundings Moistured

Humidity is more important than you think. Adding moisture to the air you breathe in can counteract problems like dry skin, irritated eyes, dryness in the throat, bloody nose, allergies and more.


Ultrasonic Humidifier

Autowit Fresh 2 contains a small metal plate that vibrates at an ultrasonic frequency which breaks water from the humidifier's built-in reservoir apart into a cool vapor. The device then emits this fine mist into the air, instantaneously distributing humidity throughout the car or room!


Tilt-Friendly Reservoir Design

Put Fresh 2 in any angle you want and never have to worry about the water inside the reservoir pouring out of Fresh 2.


Ultra Safe & Convenient



Anhydrous Automatic Power-Off

Autowit Fresh 2 would automatically turn off the humidifier when the water tank runs out of the water to keep the device safe.


Get Powered-Up Anywhere

Autowit Fresh 2 air purifier is batteryless and can be powered by any source with a USB output, which is widely available basically anywhere.




Autowit Fresh 2 Air Purifier

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