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The Best in Smart Home Technology Revealed at CES 2020

The Best in Smart Home Technology Revealed at CES 2020

In case you haven’t heard about the event before, CES is one of the biggest and most anticipated tech gatherings in the world. It is a window into the future of innovation, and we were thrilled to see smart home technology take the Las Vegas conference by storm this year, a wide range of cool smart home gadgets was presented at CES 2020. There were devices to track health data, increase safety, encourage mindful eating, make your life more convenient, such as robot vacuum cleaner, improve communication, and more.


Security cameras-Panasonic Home Hawk

A security camera is a reasonable investment because it increases homeowner confidence in the safety of the property. However, you can only be fully confident in the impenetrability of your house when the best smart home security system inside is as intelligent as Panasonic Home Hawk.

The camera, camouflaged as a stylish lamp has a night vision mode, motion detectors, triggered video recording, and other handy features.

The system is resistant to power outages and can work without an active energy source for an hour. All images and videos are captured in 1080p.


Withings ScanWatch

Withings introduced an incredibly advanced health wearable that provides atrial fibrillation detection, 24/7 heart scanning, and sleep apnea detection. Using innovative optical blood oxygen sensors and ECG, Withings is definitely creating a higher standard for wearable watches. Your move, Fitbit!

ScanWatch was developed with cardiologists and sends you notifications whenever your heart rate goes out of range and if irregular rhythms occur. Another plus? The device looks like a quality, high-end watch, so you don’t have to sacrifice style for keeping tabs on your health with Withings’ exclusive algorithm.


LG ThinQ Washer with AI

LG brings meaningful AI to household appliances with this exciting release. The LG ThinQ washer will apparently have the capability to detect the combination of fabrics in your laundry load and then recommend the most relevant washing and drying cycles. You’ll likely see AI-based recommendation engines in various large appliances, such as smart refrigerators, coming soon. But LG seems to have dominance among laundry appliance manufacturers in terms of actually bringing this innovative tech to consumers.


Smart light systems

The concept of a smart bulb is not news to tech enthusiasts. However, the Ring device presented this year has a couple of tweaks that take smart lights to a new level. For instance, homeowners will be able to connect intelligent bulbs to other tools the company created. When attached to a security system, the Ring Smart Bulb will turn on automatically as soon as a sensor detected motion so that the source of the motion is seen clearly.


Mui Panel

One of the hottest new smart displays unveiled at CES wasn’t an E Ink or OLED screen - it was a piece of wood. Touted as a “natural alternative interface” and a “calm design device”, this unexpected piece of new tech can be used to go online, send messages, control smart devices, check the news and weather, and more. It can also connect to Google Home, Amazon Echo, Philips Hue, Sonos, and other smart home devices.

The display is activated by simply touching the surface, exposing a minimal menu that disappears when the wood panel goes back into sleep mode. In a sea of plastic and metal, it’s no wonder the Mui Panel made such a splash at CES 2020. It’s due to go on sale later this year.


Did any new smart devices catch your eye at CES 2020? Let us know about your favorite new tech in the comments.

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