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Why You Should Own a Mu6 Lifelike2 3D Recording Earphones?

Why You Should Own a Mu6 Lifelike2 3D Recording Earphones?

When we talk about virtual audio, many people remember ‘the classic barber shop audio’. Now Mu6 is going to relive a 3D barber shop for you. Put on Mu6 recording earphones into ears, use real head replace traditional dummy head, press iPhone to record. The magic show begins.  Definitely it is the best earphones for sound recording. You can use it in various scenes.


  1. ASMR (sound fetish) video production / distribution

Since it can deliver three-dimensional and realistic sound to the viewer, it is ideal for producing and distributing ASMR and sound fetish videos that refresh or induce sleep, such as earpicks, whispers, slimes and eating sounds.


  1. Record sounds in nature and cities / VLOG

When sightseeing in nature and cityscapes, you can record and reproduce the babbling of paddy fields, the sound of waves, the sounds of birds and cicadas, the sounds of rain, wind and trains. Not only can you listen to it yourself, but you can also create a travel vlog and share the healing time on the spot with the viewers.


  1. Video / movie production

It provides the viewer with a great acoustic experience when collecting and editing with Lifelike2 at the shooting site. Not only for TikTok, YouTube videos and Instagram stories, but also for long videos and movies.


  1. Music production

When making music, you can easily make high-quality songs with stereophonic sound by wearing earphones and recording the instrument sounds of the band. You can record sound materials such as natural sounds and environmental sounds outside and put them in a song to create a creative musical work.


  1. Live recording

The sound reproducibility is so high that if permitted, you can record and record music from concerts, concerts and live streets, and play it over and over again to feel the sound effects you hear at the venue and in that case.


  1. Save valuable time with family

When the family gathers, not only a commemorative photo, but also a fun voice that makes you laugh when you talk with the family members and saves their happiness. In addition, you can record your child's voice and observe and record changes in your voice.


More Features:

Binaural recording effect with a sense of realism

Equipped with microphones that can record in all directions with innovative 3D recording technology on the left and right earpieces, you can catch the direction, distance, movement, etc. of the sound as finely as the human ear, and you can perfectly reproduce the realistic sound. If you like sound fetish, please try it.

Since the position of the sound is detected in the 360-degree direction and saved as stereophonic sound, you can realistically record and play the moving sound that heals the mind on the spot.


No app required, just plug it into your phone / tablet

You can record with the camera or recording app just by inserting it into the smartphone or tablet of the Android terminal equipped with the Type-C terminal. When using with a device equipped with a Lightning terminal (iPhone or iPad of iOS terminal), an adapter that converts Type-C to a Lightning terminal is required.

You can record with the camera or recording app of your smartphone or tablet, so you don't need to install any other apps.


It is also possible to listen to music other than recording

It is used as a microphone that can record Lifelike2 stereophonic sound (3D binaural), but Mu6 Lifelike2 can be used not only as a microphone but also as an ordinary earphone.

Hi-Fi high-quality sound is achieved, so you can enjoy comfortable high-level sound quality when listening to music, watching videos, or checking and playing recorded audio. Since the earphone body also has a remote control, you can easily adjust the volume, play, and pause.


Highly stable design that fits your ears

Based on ergonomics, it has a wing tip design and can be worn comfortably for a long time. With a 45 degree diagonal design, it is highly sealed and stable and will not easily fall off.

Three ear cups are also included, so it fits perfectly to your ear size and does not hurt even if you wear it for a long time, so you can record continuously for a long time.

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