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Why You Need A Yiida Scanner Translator?

Why You Need A Yiida Scanner Translator?

This language converter supports a wide variety of prints and fonts, making a great use in various situations. Whether you're studying at home or in the library, or working in an office or cafe, Yiida is a great success. Please use it in various situations related to English, such as reading and translating English materials.


Newspapers and magazines

Yiida is perfect for readers and learners of English newspapers and magazines. When you find an unfamiliar word, just touch your finger to display the search content in the app, so you do not hinder your reading pace.


Business documents and contracts

It also covers technical terms used in financial and legal English contracts. Even without having to look up the meaning of each word on a smartphone or a thick dictionary, Yiida can translate quickly with one touch, increasing productivity.


For restaurant menu

Yiida recognizes a wide variety of character fonts. Even if the menu does not contain a picture of the dish, you can check the word with one touch and place an order quickly.


Children's picture books

Easy to use, so kids can use it. Even when reading an English picture book, you can understand not only the meaning of the word but also the nuances of the sentence by simply pointing it with your finger.


English books are also stress-free

Whether you look up a dictionary or type on your smartphone, Yiida lets you check the meaning and pronunciation of words in one step. Please enjoy foreign books without stress.


Textbooks and academic papers

Put your finger on a word to recognize the letter in just 0.3 seconds, saving you learning time. From school textbooks to scholarly dissertations, you can read more quickly and efficiently, and your valuable learning time will be even better.


Of course, you can recognize not only paper media but also characters displayed on tablets. For example, you can open a technical document file created in English on a tablet and use Yiida to translate it while displaying it on the display.



* Accuracy may decrease depending on the size and design of characters.


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