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Why Do Cars Need a Jump Starter?

Why Do Cars Need a Jump Starter?

Nobody really thinks about the battery in their vehicle, until it’s dead. I wanna get in, turn the key, and go! Batteries make the go part happen. So, why do cars need a jump start?

A jump starter, also called a boost, is a method of starting a vehicle that has a discharged or dead battery. A temporary connection is made to the battery of another vehicle, or to some other external power source. The external supply of electricity recharges the disabled vehicle's battery and provides some of the power needed to crank the engine. Once the vehicle has been started, its normal charging system will recharge, so the auxiliary source can be removed. If the vehicle charging system is functional, normal operation of the vehicle will restore the charge of the battery.

Your battery is like the heart of your vehicle. It gets the blood or electricity running through your veins or wires. Having a dying battery, (we’ll talk about this below) especially in cold weather, will leave you stranded. Temperatures are dropping and winter is coming, so let’s talk about how you know if your battery is dying. Autowit supercap 2 can work in extremely cold weather (-40℃/40℉) during snowstorms or blizzards and resist high temperature (70℃/158℉), e.g. desert dry-heat environment. It’s ideal for road warriors who seek adventure in extreme weather conditions.

First you need to know what is going on inside your battery. Inside a battery are chemicals that react. This chemical reaction is turned into electrical power to start your vehicle. Cool huh?   However, this chemical reaction does not continue to happen forever.

Batteries have a life cycle. They are made/born, because of this chemical reaction will age, and then die. Typically, batteries last 5 years. So, if you know you are getting close to the 5 year mark with your battery, you may want to replace your battery.

If you like to live on the edge, you can run your battery down until there is not enough chemical reaction to occur to give your vehicle electrical power. That’s when you need a “jump”. Side note – This is different from leaving the lights on your vehicle. That will cause a battery that is not dying to drain and need a recharge.

If you are crazy, you can run your battery down until there is no chemical reaction left and a “jump” won’t save you. The battery is dead and you will need a new one to start the car.

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