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Why a translation device is better than an app for traveling?

Why a translation device is better than an app for traveling?

Most of you have used translation apps such as Google Translate at some point. If you travel to a non-English speaking country, whether it is a business trip, sightseeing or culture exploration journey, it would be great if you can have a personal interpreter to help you communicate with the local people. While many translation apps are free to use, when it comes to real-time interpretation, a well-designed translation device always do a better job than free smart phone app. Here are some of the reasons:


  1. Easy to set up

Using translation app during a conversation is clumsy. You need to unlock your phone, swipe and find the app and choose all the right settings. When you compare it to a physical device, the latter is much easier to use because of its simplicity. You only need to pull it out of your pocket and press the record button to start.


  1. Smoothness of conversation

After everything is set up, you start recording your words, wait awkwardly for the result, only to find out that the person you are trying to communicate with doesn't get what you mean. Then you record again. After they finally understand and reply to you in their language, you need to switch the translating language. You need to keep switching between the their language and yours, which would be frustrating while you are trying to have a smooth conversation. Not to mention that some messages and notifications keep popping up to distract you.

A well-designed translation device should comes with 2 record buttons specialized for Native and Foreign Language. You can use it to translate 2 languages at the same time, which allows you to have a real time conversation with you foreign partner. The speed of the translation is also faster so that you don't need to wait for a few seconds every time you speak. And obviously, there will be no interference or distraction from other smartphone apps during conversation. Smoothness of communication is important. You shouldn't miss the body language and eye contact with people and disengage them from the conversation.


  1. Battery and data Usage

We all heavily rely on our smartphone nowadays. Imagine if you keep using your translation app that it has eaten up all of your phone's battery. Not only you can no longer talk to the local, you basically lost all the functions of your smart phone. What a disastrous situation! The same could happen if the app use up all your data from the prepaid SIM you bought for traveling. Naturally, we would want a separate device for translation so that we can free up our phone and avoid the above situations.


Langogo language translator is designed to solve all of these problems.

About Langogo A.I. language translator Translator:

Langogo offers an online two-way translation in one second with a single button. Powered by 24 world-leading translation engines, it ensures the translation even against different accents of the highest accuracy for 104 languages, it enhances the travel experience, it helps you overcome cross-language barriers, always stay connected via its mobile hotspot and get local information like hotels to stay, attractions to visit, as well as weather forecast and so on while traveling overseas.

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