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What Little Ones Learn from Tangiplay STEM Coding Learning Robot Toy?

What Little Ones Learn from Tangiplay STEM Coding Learning Robot Toy?

Having children learn coding at a young age prepares them for the future. Coding helps children with communication, creativity, math, writing, and confidence. Tangiplay is the best educational toys here to give your kids practice with computational and creative thinking naturally. Tangiplay is a set of 12 robot toys that interact with a free download iPad game App. Kids input commands by pressing sliding or rotating the robots, enhancing their sensory learning. The game guides kids to use their robots to build new railways, overcome obstacles, and send passengers to the destination. The game level starts from easy for even kids of age 4 with an animation tutorial, to ensure they don't get frustrated from the beginning.

What Little Ones Learn from tangiplay coding learning toy kit?

Logic Training

Train-themed games motivate children to pass the game with the best plan. And this helps kids discover the fun of sequencing, math exploration, and coding logic.


Basic Coding Skills

Kids get instant responses more naturally from the game for every command they input, giving them an intuitive understanding of coding.


Create their Own Stories

Whether they are playing APP games or using these robots alone, kids can change the emoji faces to the robots at will, to create their unique stories.

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