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This Is the Gear You Need to Work from Home

This Is the Gear You Need to Work from Home

Now that we're all stuck at home, don't worry, there are plenty of super solid peripherals, accessories and services available -- and they can make a big difference.

The must-haves are obvious: anc headphones, and there's a handful of other gear -- from blue-light-blocking glasses to standing desks -- that can make your workday just as good, if not better, than if you were at the office. Our recommendations are below.

1. When you need to shut out the world

If your kids invade your office and you really need to tune out distractions, noise-canceling headphones are a good way to maintain focus. Mu6 isn't as famous a brand as Beats or Bose, but the Mu6 Space 2 wireless noise canceling headphones has an excellent performance too. They're also really comfortable to wear, sound great on phone calls and are smart enough to pause whatever you're listening to when you take them off.

2. Boost the production values of online meetings

If you are looking for other tools to help enhance the quality of online meetings, a webcam is recommended to you.

3. Turn your laptop into a desktop

Many people are a dedicated Apple MacBook Air user, and if you are, when you working from home, you can type on Apple's roomy Magic Keyboard -- the one with the numeric extension. It has the old-school Mac keyboard design and space, with the pleasing scissor key mechanism, and it's wireless, connecting via Bluetooth. Best of all, the battery, which is rechargeable via USB, lasts for many months on a charge.

4. Take that laptop off your lap

It's all about the ergonomics when it comes to office furniture and accessories, and a good laptop stand will bring your display up to eye level and help you sit up straighter. AmazonBasics ventilated adjustable laptop stand is a good choice. You can use this adjustable laptop stand everywhere -- whether working from the couch, sitting at a desk or laying in bed. And the ventilated design has safety benefits, too. In her words: "When Windows wakes my system up in the middle of the night to force an update, and leaves it on afterward, I don't have to worry about the system overheating and setting the bed on fire or destroying the laptop." Better safe than sorry.

5. Protect your eyes

Imagine after clocking five to eight hours of Zoom meetings a day over the past several weeks, she had been suffering from fatigue, headaches and eye pain every night. Blue-light-blocking glasses can protect your eyes to reduce this fatigue.

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