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The Mu6 Space 2 Headphones Fight Fire With Sound

The Mu6 Space 2 Headphones Fight Fire With Sound

The Mu6 space 2 anc headphones elevate sound quality, boost active noise cancellation levels, and fine tune playback controls to premium levels.

These upgraded bluetooth noise cancelling headphones usher in flexibility and quality in an affordable package. They have a 29-42dB at 20-1000Hz ANC range, a 30ft Bluetooth zone and come equipped with a 3.5mm audio in/out port for wireless or wired listening.

The all black design is also sleeker than ever, it's foldable, and it comes in its very own travel case.

But best of all is its sound production. With 40mm dynamic drivers and smooth sound sensitivity you'll get fantastic bass and treble outputs, and with the built-in CVC 6.0 mic, your calls will be clearer than ever.

And that's just the beginning...

The Mu6 Space 2's are packed with immaculate features and they are one of the most impressive over-the-ear headphones I've ever tested.


Mu6 Product Information:

 Tech Specs  Description
 ANC Type  Hybrid ANC
 ANC Range  29-42dB/20-1000Hz
 Bluetooth/Range  5.0/30ft (10m)
 Battery Capacity  800mAh
 Battery Life  24hrs (non-ANC) - 20hrs (ANC on)
 Charge Time  4hrs
 Charging Input  USB-C
 APTX Support  Yes - APTX LL/SPC/AAC
 Wired/Wireless  Yes - 3.5mm input/Bluetooth
 Foldable  Yes
 Earpad Design  Padded leather w/nylon fabric
 Sensitivity  100dB +/- 3dB
 Driver  Dynamic 40mm for clear calls/bass
 Mic  Yes - CVC 6.0
 3D Touch  Yes - Volume/Calling/Music Playback
 Size  171 x 200mm
 Weight  290g
 Transparency Mode  Yes - ANC/Natural sounds
 Auto Pause/Play  Yes - Built-in IR Proximity Sensor
 Smart Touch &   Talk  Yes - Activate w/palm on right earpad
 Voice Assistant  Yes - Siri/Google
 Chip  ANC Qualcomm CSR
 Software  Air Updates via MU6 Connect App
 What's Included  Mu6 Space 2 Headphones - Travel Case - USB-C Data Cable - 3.5mm Cable - User Manual


How Mu6 Space 2 Makes Traveling Fun?

The Mu6 headphones are a blast to use. I've used them to listen to my Spotify playlists, my YouTube videos, and for voice calling. They never cut out, they always sound crisp and clear, and they're extremely comfortable to wear.

But that's not all folks because these headphones have 5 additional must-have features that I can't wait to elaborate on.

Top 5 Pros

  • Auto Pause & Play
  • Transparency Mode
  • Hybrid ANC
  • Expert Craftsmanship
  • Affordable


Auto Pause & Play

A pet peeve of mine when listening to videos or music is that during interruptions I have to either physically pause the video and turn it back on afterwards or miss out on what's playing and have to restart/rewind the video.

With auto pause and play, those nuisances are no more. When I remove my headset the video pauses and when I put it back on it starts up back to where it paused.

No more restarts, no more physical pausing, no worries.


Transparency Mode

I like transparency mode because it allows you to switch on/off (via physical switch) between letting natural sound in and blocking sound via ANC.

The device also includes something called smart touch & talk where you can let in voices by putting your palm up to your right earbud. This allows you to freely talk and listen without having to scream or take off your headphones.

It's a neat addition that worked flawlessly every time I used it and it goes hand in hand with transparency mode.


Hybrid ANC

Hybrid ANC is essentially transparency mode though not quite.

Normally ANC blocks out certain sounds or noises and leaves others behind but hybrid ANC adapts to your environment and minimizes all kinds of sounds depending on where you are.

It's much more effective than the standard and it allows for a broader ANC range than usual. In this case it goes up to 42dB at 20-1000Hz, which is significantly broader than the previous model.


Expert Craftsmanship

I'm thrilled by the overall design of these headphones. They have leather padding, are foldable, and use materials like nylon fabric to ensure comfort, long-term use, and sustainability.

They're much improved from the 1st version and it proves that a few small adjustments can go a long way. Their foldability means I can fit them just about anywhere including their add-on travel case.

Granted I don't think these headphones look as good as more expensive Bose products but they come very close.



And speaking of expensive, the Mu6 Space 2 Headphones aren't.

They're reasonably priced and are cheaper than their predecessor despite having a slew of new and upgraded features.

What's more amazing is that they cost $200+ less than high-end headphones but have a greater ANC range, better sound quality, and things like auto pause & play.

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