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Recording 3D Video, Only an iPhone Needed

Recording 3D Video, Only an iPhone Needed

With the growth of virtual reality video and the rise of object-based Dolby Atmos audio in theaters and at home, there is an ever-increasing interest in the ability to capture and reproduce audio in three dimensions. These mu6 recording earphones are designed to capture immersive three-dimensional audio straight to your iPhone.

Mu6 dummy head recording headsets is the best recording headsets with real head binaural recording for full sound field reproduction. The world’s first customized earphone for iPhone users to record 3D audio. Just an iPhone, 3d audio capturing easy to go.



Portable outdoor live recording

3d audio capture is pure plug and plays without downloading app, just use iPhone to record.


High fidelity decoding abilities for lossless audio output

Built-in audio processor chip for high-fidelity decoding and denoising algorithms.

Certified by MFi and compatible with all iOS devices equipped with lighting connector


Real head binaural recording black technology

To reproduce the most realistic sound field as heard by ears in person through the affordable and portable gadget. Just connecting iPhone to capture surround from above and below, front and back and either side of you.


3D Audio Listening

Please put on your headphones to enjoy the immersive audio recorded by Mu6


‘Shark gill’ Earbuds patented ergonomic design

Strong airtightness but fitting ears snugly and comfortably.


Built-in HTPC enabling to live recording without current interference, It makes live recording at PC available. You can monitor real-time the recording effect, and with proprietary denoising and mixed algorithms for easier post-editing. Enrich your 3D recording tool now!

It is definitely the ASMR production must-have! Mimic the way real ears hear the sound by dummy ears binaural recording, a very useful and portable peripheral for immersive ASMR production.

For those who love recording video on the go, or those looking for a more affordable and portable solution than an expensive 3D microphone or microphone array, products like the Mu6 3D headphones could present an exciting opportunity to leap into the world of immersive audio.

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