New Launch: Neabot SpinEasy Cordless Electric Mop

New Launch: Neabot SpinEasy Cordless Electric Mop

Recently Neabot launched a great cordless electric mop: Neabot SpinEasy Cordless Electric Mop, it is one of the best steam mop of 2020. Read this article to learn more about its features!


  1. Outstanding Cleaning Power

The motor is built into the main body, so the rollers rotate powerfully 400 times per minute. Since the adsorbed dirt is automatically collected in the sewage tank, small solid dirt and liquids in each room can be wiped clean at once.


  1. Automatic Cleaning Function

There is also a cleaning stand, so when cleaning is complete, simply place it on the stand and press the power button to start automatic cleaning of the rollers! After cleaning, the rollers can be placed on the stand to dry, which is very convenient.


  1. Cordless and Convenient to Operate

The self-propelled cordless design allows the stick to be freely turned 180 degrees to the left and right and 60 degrees back and forth, making it easy to change various directions with just one hand and efficiently cleaning every corner of the house. I can do it.


  1. Applicable to Various Flooring Materials

It can be used with various flooring materials such as wood, tile and marble. It is gentle on the floor, can be cleaned without damaging the floor, and can be washed by hand. (2 sets of rollers are included)


  1. Superior design

With an ergonomic design, you can operate comfortably while standing while using it with less strain on your knees and lower back. The simple and clean design blends naturally into the interior of the room.


Notes: This mop is only available in Japan currently.


Please know more about it at GadgetPlus.

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