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Keep an Eye on Your Weight during Holiday Season with PICOOC Smart Scale

Keep an Eye on Your Weight during Holiday Season with PICOOC Smart Scale

Thanksgiving is all about feasting. Here's some serious food for thought: People probably consume 3,000 to 5,000 calories around the festive table. Yikes! While eating often takes center stage during the holidays, that doesn't mean we have to give up on good health. If youre in the middle of an intense training and diet plan with the aim of losing weight, you may need a smart scale in your bathroom to get an in-depth understanding of your body, especially during these food-filled holidays.

PICOOC Smart Body Fat Scale Thanksgiving Feast Black Friday Cyber Monday

Track 13 Different Body Measurements

PICOOC Smart Body Fat Scale is an advanced Bluetooth scale that can track up to 13 different body measurements via the PICOOC App. These include body fat, body weight, muscle, visceral fat, protein, bone mass, water, body type, body age, BMR, BMI, and your overall PICOOC score. It can give you a clear picture of your body status and you can see all stats and results to better track fitness progress and goals.

Pair Your Scale with PICOOC App

PICOOC smart scales can be paired with the PICOOC App. Whatever scores youre getting will be recorded there and it will give you extra insight over time as you weigh yourself. You're not just reading your scores and results, you're actually making sense of it all and finding out ways through workouts, diets, and other means towards your goals.

Pairing the device with PICOOC App is fairly effortless. All you have to do is turn on Bluetooth, pair, and step on the scale. The scale will automatically transfer your information to the app. The measurements can be synced with Google Fit and Apple Health, to maximize their effectiveness.

The Most Accurate Readings

PICOOC utilizes the BIA (Bio-electrical Impedance Analysis) Chip Measurement which is a commonly used method for estimating body composition. In other words, a small electrical current is transferred through the body and since fat, compared to muscle, is a poor conductor of electricity, the higher the resistance the electrical current experiences, the greater the amount of fat in the body. Apart from BIA Chip Measurement, 4 built-in high-performing weighing sensors also let you quickly and accurately measure the amount of fat in your body, allowing you to get your precise weight each time. PICOOC weighs from 18lbs up to 396lbs in 0.2lbs tolerance.

Family Friendly Device

This scale can recognize unlimited users and track and record their progress over time. All the family members or guests can save their profiles with the unit. It is a big advantage for the whole family to improve their body conditions together. 

To get the most accurate readings, be sure the scale is on a hard-flat surface, your weight is perfectly centered with your feet lined up on the sensors, and any metal jewelry is removed. You should weigh yourself at the same time of day every day, preferably on an empty stomach.

With many of your favorite homemade dishes tempting you, it's wise to know what your body really needs. Make certain to get plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables along with lean proteins. With PICOOC, you will receive a better feedback about whats happening in your body not only during the holiday season but throughout the whole year. And remember, at the end of the day, Thanksgiving should be enjoyed with loved ones.

Happy Thanksgiving!


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  • It is very nice to read your site, thank you very much for your work, it’s great!


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