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How to Use Neabot NoMo Hands-free Robot Vacuum?

How to Use Neabot NoMo Hands-free Robot Vacuum?

This article is a guide for how to use Neabot nomo hands-free robot vacuum, it is very easy to use in fact, follow below steps and start it!

  1. Get Ready

To start, you'll need your robot, self-emptying dustbin. Set other accessories aside

for later.


  1. Position the Self-Emptying Dustbin

Place self-emptying dustbin near an outlet in an area with good Wifi-coverage.

The Dustbin should be placed on flat ground more than 6cm/2.4inch away from the wall.

Ensure there is a space of more than 1 .2m/4ft at the front/ and more than 0.5m/ 1 .6ft on

both sides of the dustbin.


  1. Plug in

Plug the power cord into the wall. Wrap the cord back so it won't get in the way of

the robot as it comes and goes.


  1. Wake up NoMo

Place your robot on the self-emptying dustbin by lining up the metal contacts.

After a few minutes, a sound will let you know it's awake.


  1. App Setup

Connect your phones to wifi and download the Neabot Home App. Sign up with your

email and follow the steps below to complete the setup.

  1. Add device on the home page choose Robot Neabot
  2. Press and hold the Spot cleaning & Recharge button for 5 seconds to enter the network configuration
  3. Select the connected WiFi of the phone and enter the WiFi password
  4. Go to the mobile phone WI-AN list and select and connect the / NeobotHornef device hotspot


  1. Cleaning

You can use the app, press the start button on the robot or use the remote control

to make your robot work.


  1. Recharge & Self-Empty

Once the cleaning is done, your robot will automatically return to the self-emptying

dustbin to empty its bin and recharge as needed.

The robot vacuum will return to charge automatically when the battery gets low, and

resume cleaning from where it left off until the job is complete.


  1. Sleep-Mode

If there is no operation for more than 20 minutes, the robot will automatically enter

into sleep-mode. ( Note: The robot will not enter sleep-mode while charging. )

Your robot will tell you something is wrong by playing an audio alert and turning the light

ring indicator yellow. Further support and instructional videos are available in the Neabot

Home App and www.neabot.com

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