How to Select the Best Robot Vacuum for Your Home?

How to Select the Best Robot Vacuum for Your Home?

Finding the best robot vacuum for your home can be really hard. With such a variety of models, the decision is not an easy one to make. We have noted a few tips to support you in finding the best robot vacuum for your home. According to it, we think our Neabot Robot Vacuum is a great choice for you.

Buying a robot vacuum – what you should consider?


Size of the floor to be cleaned

First, you should check how many square meters the robot hoover will have to vacuum. If your home is quite small, you’ll be satisfied with a basic model with a random navigation pattern, which is able to vacuum about 60 m2 with one single battery charge. If your home is rather big, we recommend a model with a methodical navigation and auto-resume (automatic charging and resuming afterwards).

Also, the amount of rooms is of importance. A robot vacuum with random navigation will have problems in finding its way through multiple rooms. Therefore, these models are mostly operated room after room. If you have a home with multiple rooms to be cleaned automatically, you better go for a robot with methodical navigation (camera or laser).


Overcoming of thresholds

A lot of vacuum robots are capable of driving over thresholds – depending on their height, of course. Doorsteps with a height of more than 2 cm are complicated. In this case, the robot has to be carried into the next room manually. Which, in turn, leads to the fact that a basic model with random navigation is more than enough.


Picking up of cat and dog hair

A particularly important selection criterion for pet owners. Because if you live together with cats and dogs, there is a whole lot more dirt to pick up and you’ll need a special cleaning system and a very powerful suction for that.

Robot hoovers with a brushless cleaning system are particularly suitable. Furthermore, models with a special pet brush (combination of lamella and bristles) are also recommended.


The orientation in the rooms

Like mentioned earlier, the robot hoovers use different navigation patterns. There are models, driving through your home in a random pattern. Like you can imagine, they need a little longer for the cleaning and are therefore more suitable for smaller floors. With this principle it is also very hard for the robot to find its way through multiple rooms.

Other robot vacuums use a camera or a laser to scan their environment and to find their way easily. They know the cleaning area and move in a methodical pattern (parallel rails). Therefore, they are particularly fast and can also clean large floors. They can also independently clean one whole level.


Specialty “auto-resume”:

Robot hoovers with auto-resume go back to the charging base when their battery is low. After the charging, they continue the cleaning where they have left off before. This is particularly useful for large apartments or houses with multiple rooms.


The desired control options

Meanwhile, there are so many different options to control vacuum robots. If only manually, with a smartphone app, with voice services such as Amazon Alexa, a Facebook Messenger Chatbot or IFTTT – you’ll have to decide for yourself how you’d like to control the robot.


How loud may it be?

Compared to normal vacuum cleaners, robot hoovers are very quiet when in use. Nevertheless, the volume can be quite different. It may vary from 50 dB to 70 dB. The volume is a selection criterion for many, but for many it isn’t because the robot is often only operated when nobody is at home.


The scheduling

A lot of robot hoovers can only be controlled manually or with a remote control. A large variety of models can also be started automatically via scheduling. With this too, you should decide for yourself if you need such a programming function or not. In our opinion it is very useful because like this, we don’t have to think about starting the robot manually each morning when we leave home.


HEPA filter for a clear air

The allergy sufferers beneath us should definitely look for a robot hoover with HEPA filter. They filter all allergens out of the air. You can find out more about the topic robot hoovers with HEPA filter here.


Who has the choice, has the agony

We’re pretty sure that you’ve already noticed that it is not easy to select the best robot hoover for your home. We recommend considering the above-mentioned selection criteria and to decide for yourself, which ones of them are relevant for you. If you are still not quite sure which model to choose, please feel free to contact us, GadgetPlus are always happy to help!

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