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How to Choose the Right Trimmer for You

How to Choose the Right Trimmer for You

With over 100 beard trimmers to choose from, it can be a little overwhelming to know which trimmer is the one that is perfect for you. Before you click add to cart, asking yourself the following questions will make it easier to narrow it down to the right trimmer for you.


What do you want to use your trimmer for?

Electric shaver aren’t only for your beard, they can also be used to trim body hair, clean up your at-home haircuts, style your beard or trim your facial hair first before a nice clean shave. If you want the product that supports multi purpose does everything so you don’t have to worry, erazio electric shaver is it! It will trim, detail, shave you from head-to-toe and includes all the right attachments for achieving your look. It will bring you a smooth, clean shave. A great tip is to trim your facial hair before shaving.


Do you want your trimmer to be waterproof?

Do you find yourself grooming in or out of the shower? If you have a preference of grooming in the shower, a waterproof trimmer which can be used wet or dry will be more convenient and ensure your grooming time is minimal and quick. Our waterproof erazio electric shaver is a great choice for you. This trimmer is completely waterproof and is designed with a non-slip grip to ensure no mishaps occur when grooming!

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