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How to Add Wireless Charger Mount to Your Car?

How to Add Wireless Charger  Mount to Your Car?

If you want to use your smartphone while driving—to get directions, play music, or take phone calls—it’s much easier and safer to have it mounted where you can easily see and tap the screen, without taking your eyes off the road for too long. A good smartphone wireless car charger mount will hold your phone steady in a convenient place while you drive—without blocking your view of the road—and is much safer than holding a phone in your hand or having to look down at a cupholder or dash bin.

It’s dead simple to add wireless car charger to your car.

1.Connect vent mount with the wireless car charger

Put the plastic nut onto the ball joint

Connect vent mount with the wireless charger

Screw up the nut

2. Manually pull up or down the bottom bracket to adjust the proper charging position.

(The bottom bracket can be pulled up or down to make the charging receiver of mobile to align with the coil center of the product.)

3. Insert the charging mount into the air vent of your car.

(Adjustable clamp can be pulled left or right to suit the different thickness of vent blades)

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