How Often Should You Replace a Pillow?

How Often Should You Replace a Pillow?


Do you even remember for how long you've had your pillow?

If you’ve been using the same pillow for years, you’re definitely not alone. According to a report on MailOnline, more than 2,000 people and found out that around 82% of them had no idea how often they should replace their pillows.

Experts at the Sleep Council recommend replacing pillows every one to two years, while others – like Dr. Robert Oexman from Sleep To Live Institute – suggests getting new ones every six months (yep, that does sound rather costly!), because dirt, skin cells and dust mites build up in them over time, which could worsen things and lead to allergies and asthma.

Pillows that have lost their shape and plumpness could contribute to neck pain – not to mention poor sleep - too.

Now, let’s look at different Types of Pillows & Replacement Timeline.

Memory Foam Pillow

Memory foam pillows are better at contouring to your specific needs and keeping your spine aligned, which is much better for your neck in the long run. They also should be replaced once a year. Their conforming is great, but they tend to sag.

Down Pillow

Down pillows should also be changed once a year, maybe a little longer than that. They tend to lump quite a bit, and it is at that point they become unusable.


Latex is more durable than memory foam, and as such, if you have a latex pillow, you can replace it once every two years. They are more expensive as well.


Feather-based are amongst the most common types out there, and they are also usually the more inexpensive ones. You should change these at least once a year even though certain people recommend doing it even more often.


Bamboo pillows should be changed once every year and a half as bamboo fibers tend to be a bit more reliable than cotton ones.

So, check out your pillow age, maybe it’s time to get a new one. And remember to pamper yourself with a good night’s sleep you deserve.



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