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How Do I Choose A Portable Jump Starter for My Car?

How Do I Choose A Portable Jump Starter for My Car?

A jump start, also called boost, is a method of starting a vehicle with a discharged battery or no electricity. A temporarily connect to another car's battery or other external power source. The external power supply can charge the battery of the disabled vehicle and provide some power needed to start the engine so that the vehicle can start normally. A good portable jump starter can be a real lifesaver.

You need to choose the right one. The right size, the right features, and a unit you can trust when you need it to perform. Otherwise, you’re stuck with a false sense of security and a car that won’t start. Below is everything you need to know about jump starters and how to choose the best one for you.


1. Safety First

Electricity is dangerous when not handled correctly. The risk of injury, damage to your battery or jump starter, and fire is ever present. It’s a good thing portable jump starters have several built in safety features.

Over-current protection: Controls the amount of out-flowing current to keep safe your car's battery and starter.

Reverse charging protection: Once the car starts, this feature protects any current flowing from the car's battery towards the jump starter.

Short-circuit protection: Protects against any short circuit including if the two clamps are connected together, this prevents dangerous fires.

Under-voltage protection: Prevents the jump starter's battery draining below the critical charge level.

Over-voltage protection: Prevents the jump starter's battery from overcharging.

Polarity protection: Prevents any damage to the batteries if clamps are connected to the opposite terminals.


2. Your Budget

The first thing you want to ask yourself is, how much do you want to spend? Generally speaking, the more you spend, the more features you get, and the quality of the craftsmanship tends to be better. Higher-priced jump starters tend to have more cold cranking amps (CCA), which is needed to power more substantial vehicles such as SUVs and trucks.


3. Size Matters

You'll want to make sure when you buy your portable jump starter that it can fit in the space of your car you want it to go. Some portable jump starters can fit under your seat, while some can only be placed in a spot with adequate room, such as the trunk of your car.


4. Charging Specifications

Jump starting power is measured by peak amps (PA) or cold-cranking amps. Generally, the higher the number, the more power the unit will provide. Small cars will take about 150 to 200 CCA.


5. Durability and reliability

Your car battery can lose up to 50% of its cranking output in cold weather. If you live where the winters are harsh, choose a jump starter that can stand the cold.

Build quality and design is important too. Look for clamps that are soldered or screwed to the cables versus crimped. Clamps should also open wide enough to fit any size terminal post without any bending or twisting. Finally, it’s important to keep water and other contaminants out of connection ports, to help the unit last for a long time. This means the jumper cable connection port is usually covered because of its size. At a minimum, look for covers that seal tightly. Even better are ones that cover all ports, as well.


6. Features and Accessories

A jump starter itself is a vital gadget for your car and you, but imagine a portable jump starter that comes with additional cool features and functions. An added built-in luminous LED light that can help you if you are stranded in the dark. An air compressor to help you inflate tires and maintain an accurate tire pressure for a smooth ride. An excellent battery jump starter should also be rechargeable from household AC plugs and from a DC charger.


When deciding which one is best for you, focus on these points and you won’t go wrong: a good quality battery, lightweight, portable, powerful enough, safe, value for money, convenient usage and some additional auxiliary features.


If you search a best portable jump starter for your car now, we recommend our Autowit SuperCap 2 Portable Car Jump Starter, it is an innovative supercapacitor car jump starter with excellent performance.

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