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Five ways to make your razor blade last a little longer

Five ways to make your razor blade last a little longer

The daily shave is a must for many, but keeping up a routine can prove expensive. Although a good safety razor should last you many years, disposable blades are far less hardy – and if you’re binning them like there’s no tomorrow, then it’s time to stand back and take stock of your habits. Nope, we’re not suggesting you give your shaving routine the old heave-ho – but there are plenty of ways you can increase the longevity of your blade. Read on for our pocket-pleasing tips on how to make yours last that little bit longer.


Prepare your face

Preparation is the key to a good shave, but did you know that it will also help to keep your razor blade sharp? Placing a hot towel over your face pre-shave not only opens pores and softens hairs, but it also weakens the follicles against the razor’s might – and using a shaving brush to exfoliate skin and lift hairs prior to your shave can also give proceedings a little boost. Doing so will facilitate a closer and easier shave from the first pass, which will save some of the wear and tear on your blade. be sure to use a good pre-shave oil, too – it’ll enhance razor glide, minimising friction and again making for an easier shaving experience.


Rinse your razor regularly during your shave

If you use a cartridge blade, it can often get clogged with stubble and excess shaving cream, so it’s important to rinse your razor at regular intervals throughout your shave. Turn the razor over and rinse the back of the blade, as that’s where the gunk tends to accumulate – and use hot water, which will heat the blade and enable it to slice through hairs more easily


Dry your blade thoroughly after use

One of the main reasons blades tend to dull quickly is oxidation and microscopic rusting, which can be caused by lingering moisture. Be sure to rinse and dry your blade carefully after use – a gentle blot with a towel should suffice. Even better, rinse with alcohol afterwards – it will quickly evaporate, taking any remaining moisture with it, and will sterilise your blade along the way.


Store your razor in a dry place

So you’ve dried it, and doused in alcohol…now, don’t ruin it all by leaving it in a puddle by the sink. Washmugs are a no-no too, unless stored well away inside a cabinet. If any moisture is allowed to reach your razor while stored, then you’ll be facing the same oxidation and rusting problem all over again.


Give it a break and embrace the fuzz

Die-hard shaver or not, one thing is for sure – it’s easier to get away with a bit of stubble than it ever was. That’s not to say you should go all out in pursuit of the beard if it’s not your style – but you can certainly afford to go easy on the razor every once in a while. A week or so’s worth of growth will save you a fortune on blades in the long-run – and it keeps things interesting, too. If you have sensitive skin, then it’s an even better idea – regular shaving can wreak havoc on easily upset skin, so it always pays to have a short break.

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