Features of Yiida S1 Smart Pocket Scanner Translator

Features of Yiida S1 Smart Pocket Scanner Translator

The latest model S1 of Yiida, which won the award in the stationery general election 2020, is an innovative AI scanning electronic dictionary with a display screen and a speaker.


It is a great language translator for learning English. The Yiida app uses AI technology to create wordbooks based on user search habits. The English words searched by the user are classified into three levels, "re-learning", "immature", and "familiarity" to realize more efficient learning. When connected to the net, word records searched offline are also synchronized with the app.


More Features of Yiida S1 Smart Pocket Scanner Translator:


  1. Search for English Words Just by Pointing

When using the advanced camera and Yiida that uses AI technology, you can easily understand the meaning and pronunciation by putting your finger under the English word you do not understand. It's efficient and convenient, so you can accelerate your English study.


  1. No Mobile Phone & Internet Required

The Yiida S1 main unit has a display screen and a speaker, so if you point your finger at an English word, its meaning will be displayed on the screen. At the same time, it sounds from the speaker. It can be used normally even in an offline environment.


  1. Can be Linked With a Dedicated App

The Yiida S1 can be used in conjunction with the same mobile app as the first generation Yiida. In addition to searching for English word meanings and pronunciations, the app also allows you to read example sentences and create a vocabulary for review.


  1. High-precision Word Translation

Yiida is equipped with Kenkyusha's "New English-Japanese Dictionary" (7th edition). It accurately translates from basic vocabulary essential for learning English to technical terms that are useful in practice. The accuracy rate of English translation reaches 98.0%.


  1. Scan Range is 2 Sheets of A4 Paper

The Yiida is equipped with a camera that uses a 13-megapixel SONY IMX214 image sensor, so it takes 0.2 seconds to focus the scan and covers an area of up to 1,750 square centimeters that covers A4 paper spread out on a desk.


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