Features of Space 2 Active Noise Canceling Headphones

Features of Space 2 Active Noise Canceling Headphones

Experience best-in-class noise-canceling headphones from Mu6! Mu6 space 2 anc headphones has the top level noise-cancellation performance and perfect sound quality. The Active Noise-Cancellation for Space 2 employs digital composite feedback design, its noise cancellation performance is significantly improved by more than four times than former version, acquiring a maximum noise cancellation -40dB in the frequency range of 10Hz-1,000Hz.




Hybrid Active Noise-Cancellation 

Smart Touch & Talk Transparency Mode

Bluetooth 5.0 

24h+ Battery Life 

3D Touch Control

APTX& APTX LL Supported

Luxurious Leather

Foldable & Portable


Mu6 space 2 provides noise-cancellation effect that best suites to current situation. Know more about it at GadgetPlus, pick it now!

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