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Features of Langogo Genesis AI Language Translator

Features of Langogo Genesis AI Language Translator

Langogo Genesis is specially designed to help you to improve your travel experience. This language converter integrates 24 translation engines with its one-button translation design to enhance the accuracy and convenience of the speech-to-speech translation. In addition, Langogo Genesis can be used as a mobile Wi-Fi hotspot, which keeps you connected to the internet while traveling abroad and saves your phone battery. You can then focus on sharing memorable moments along the way with all your loved ones.



One-Button Accurate Translation

Langogo offers an online two-way translation in one second with a single button. Powered by 24 world-leading translation engines, it ensures the translation even against different accents of the highest accuracy for 104 languages.


Voice Recording and Transcription

Genesis records a single speech up to 4 hours and instantly shows the transcription on the screen so you can focus on meeting and interview. Enjoy free English transcription before 2021 and a 1-month trial for the others.


Mobile Wi-Fi Hotspot

Genesis is also a mobile hotspot device. With the built-in eSIM chip, it allows a purchase on the device for hotspot data plan to offer a Wi-Fi connection for up to 5 mobile devices, with no extra SIM card.


Lifetime Update, Getting Smarter

The self-learning algorithm and lifetime update continuously improves its performance. More function and up-to-date vocabulary are adding to it, and the more you use it, the smarter it becomes.



To use Langogo with updated languages and latest functions, please always check your system version and upgrade before using it.

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