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Don’t you worry about washing your car anymore. Norshire is there for you.

Don’t you worry about washing your car anymore. Norshire is there for you.

When you think of new tech & crowdfunding, a website like Indiegogo probably comes first to mind. And Indiegogo is like a fairy tale “Sesame” full of stunning tech gadgets waiting for all tech-savvy users to discover. Recently, a new cool car kit has been launched on Indiegogo and instantly got much attention from media and tech blogs. You may wonder: “What is GenHigh up to this time?”

After weeks of thorough preparations and long-lasting pre-launch campaigns, we are excited to announce that GenHigh is teaming up with Norshire to deliver for you the latest car tech gadget! And it's available on Indiegogo right now.

If you wash your car regularly and you would rather do it in the comfort of your own driveway or during a trip, there might be a gadget worth taking a look. Norshire is a kit designed to accomplish a number of things car-related, such as acting as a warning sign when your car breaks down, a jump starter, a power bank, and – mostly – a car washing kit.

Car Wash: Norshire car washing capabilities keeps any vehicle clean without the hassle of driving through expensive car washes. It makes car washing easier and faster than ever before as it takes only fifteen seconds to set up and ten minutes to complete the wash, 80% less than the time required for traditional car washes.

Jump Starter: Norshire’s jump starter capabilities are so powerful it can jump start most car types in the market up to 30 times when fully charged. Norshire’s built-in rechargeable lithium battery produces a max current output of 400A and requires no external power to function.

Power Bank: Gone are the days when any family member should worry about running out of battery on long camping trips. Its various outlets are the perfect power source to keep all gadgets powered such as speakers, fans, tablets and night lamps.

Warning Sign: Norshire turns into a warning sign when facing a roadside emergency.

As for pricing, the Norshire is currently launched on Indiegogo seeking its backers who can nab the kit for themselves for $99 which is more than 50% off the regular price. Don’t hesitate and get this perfect sidekick for every car owner. Remember - early birds won’t last long!

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