Build your springtime wish list at Pepcom Digital Experience Event.

Build your springtime wish list at Pepcom Digital Experience Event.

Happy Tuesday!

With the San Francisco temperature nearing 60°F, GenHigh team got into the spring spirit on Thursday night (May 10th) for the annual Pepcom Digital Experience event in San Francisco. The event showcased a variety of products and services that are a perfect fit for those upcoming holiday gift guides! With a couple of thousands of guests in attendance, GenHigh team spent some quality time talking about our tech gadgets with media including Ubergizmo!

Here's a look at our favorite products of the show and what might be showing up on your springtime wish list this season. 

PEGASI Smart Sleep Glasses

PEGASI Smart Sleep Glasses 2 is a smart eyewear device which improves sleep quality by physical light treatment therapy. The specific wavelength green light stimulates human’s nervous system, which gives a signal to regulate the level of melatonin secretion and then improves sleep quality scientifically. It only takes 7 days to see the changes. Note: launching on Kickstarter soon!

Source: Pepcom

Autowit Fresh Air Purifier with True HEPA

AUTOWIT Fresh is perfect for allergy suffers. With Nano Silver Filter, it captures most of floccus, hair, dust, and scrap. With a HEPA Fold Filter, it removes 99% of PM2.5, pollen, and allergens as small as microns, while a High-Quality Charcoal Filter reduces unpleasant odors caused by pets and cigarette or toxic gases.

Source: Pepcom

Scenes LIFELIKE VR Recording Earphone

Scenes focuses on VR audio innovation, providing mobile recording solution for immersive 3D sound. It offers seamless iOS integration. A perfect gift for (lifelike) recording vloggers and ASMR lovers.

Scenes Lifelike VR Recording Earphones GenHigh

Source: Pepcom

Autowit 12V Batteryless Portable Car Jump Starter

Unlike traditional jump starters that require to pre-charge at home before use, AUTOWIT battery-less car jump starter adopts Supercapacitor Technology that allows it to use the weak battery power of your car or an external power source to charge itself first and then jumpstart your car instantly. An ideal gift for those who are cautious about road safety and emergencies.

Autowit 12V Batteryless Portable Car Jump Starter GenHigh

Source: Pepcom

Norshire: Portable Car Pressure Washer & Jump Starter

Norshire is a perfect car sidekick that combines 4 useful functions in one single portable device, including car washing kit, jump starter, warning sign and power bank. Available on Indiegogo now but … hurry up – the campaign is ending soon!

Norshire: Perfect travel kit. It's a car pressure washer, jump starter, warning sign or power bank.

Let us share with you more great photos from the event.

Pepcom Digital Experience, San Francisco, GenHigh

Source: Pepcom

Pepcom Digital Experience, San Francisco, GenHigh

Source: Pepcom
Pepcom Digital Experience, GenHigh, Pegasi
Source: Pepcom

Pepcom Digital Experience Even was definitely an awesome experience. It’s always great to see so many tech-savvy users and gadget geeks gathering in one place with one purpose – exploring the tech world.

See you there next year!


Above photos selection was taken during Pepcom Digital Experience in San Francisco and can be shared thanks to the courtesy of Pepcom.

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