Best Headphones for Working at Home

Best Headphones for Working at Home

All of us are stuck at home during the coronavirus outbreak as mandatory stay-at-home orders have spread across the nation and the globe. Whether you're working from home or just keeping in touch with friends, though, a key part of your tech toolkit is going to be your headphones. Looking for a great pair of headphones to use while working from home and work well on the go? wireless noise cancelling headphones are current top picks. These anc headphones block the noise and help you concentrate on your work.

So, what makes for a good work-at-home headphone? You always want comfort and sound quality, of course, but you really want to focus on what makes a good communication headset when making calls (which includes any sort of video chats). For many people, that means the ability to hear your own voice in the room, instead of the odd sensation of "earplugs" that most in-ear or earbud headphones provide. If that's important to you, you want to make sure your headphones have either a sidetone or transparency feature. Lastly, good battery life is a must, as is the ability to switch easily between two devices (aka multidevice pairing). Mu6 Space 2 Active Noise Canceling Headphones is the best choice for you.


Hybrid ANC + 1 Qualcomm CVC

Digital Hybrid active noise canceling technology can block out 98% of background noise, provides you an amazing noise cancellation up to 40dB and low response up to 94dB. 6 microphones built-in to improve the clarity of phone calls so that you can hear clearly, let you concentrate on your call.


With 40mm low-distortion dynamic driver, cutting-edge ZrO2 coating polymer diaphragm, high-definition apt-X LL codec, and the latest CSR Bluetooth 5.0, Space 2 Bluetooth headphones elevates every nuance of sound into even finer detail. Moreover, our invented Hearing Optimization Technology which learns and re-tunes personal hearing helps you reach the full hearing potential.


Control your music tracks, volume, pause and take phone calls with simple gestures in less than one second. Use your fingertip to slide either forward or rewind to last or next track, slide up or down to increase or reduce the volume. NOTE: Please made a full slide across the touch panel from point to point instead of from the center to the edge.


Our pressure relief memory foam earpads cover around your ears softly while the larger and deeper earcups give you a touch-free ear space to get you maximum comfort. The ergonomic sealing design also provides you a surprising amount of noise isolation even when you turn off the ANC. Space 2 noise-canceling Bluetooth headphones are ideal for working from home, making a call, taking a plane, online classes, watching TV or workout.


Mu6 Space 2 wireless headphones offer three modes of noise cancellation, ANC ON / OFF and Transparency mode. With Transparency mode you can hear what around you while still enjoying your music.


With a built-in intelligent infrared proximity sensor, audio automatically stops when you take off the headphones and resumes when you put them back on. Pause and reserve every musical note, lyric and rhythm for you anytime, anywhere.


Activate the Google APP Voice Assistant (Android) or Siri (iPhone), with two presses of the ANC Button to manage your music and your phone without using your hands. Note: Bluetooth connection required


Gym workout, travel, watch TV, study, take a call, flight, etc, Mu6 Space 2 anc headphones help you block out all the noise and let you focus on your things.


At the same time we highly recommend our new 3d recording earphones- Mu6 Dummy Head Recording Earphone

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