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Best Back-to-School Sales 2020: The Ultimate Deals Guide

Best Back-to-School Sales 2020: The Ultimate Deals Guide

A new school season is looming, but with most schools remaining closed until after Christmas to slow the transmission of COVID-19, there’s a newfound expectation on both parents and students to buy electronics to bring the classroom home. Fortunately, there are several back-to-school sales in full swing.

Mu6 Space 2 Active Noise Canceling Headphones

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This is absolutely the best anc headphones for studying at home in 2020. If you've been studying from home during the coronavirus outbreak, you might understand that a key part of creating a solid tech toolkit is to find a reliable pair of headphones. If you're able to upgrade to new ones at this moment in time, these headphones will steer you towards the best for studying.

A good pair of study-at-home headphones combine comfort and sound quality, of course, but you want to hone in on what makes a good communication headset when making calls (which includes any sort of video chats). For many people, that means being able to hear your own voice in the room, instead of the odd "earplugs" sensation that most in-ear or earbud headphones provide. If that's important to you, you want to make sure your headphones have either a sidetone or transparency feature. Lastly, good battery life is a must, as is the ability to switch easily between two devices (aka multidevice pairing).

Tangiplay STEM Coding Learning Robot Toy Kit

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Tangiplay is a set of 12 robot toys that interact with a free download iPad/iPhone game App. It has 120 game levels from easy to hard. Kids input commands through the robots by pressing, sliding, or rotating them on the screen, enhancing their sensory learning. It makes coding language touchable and easy to understand. The game guides kids with simple animation tutorials to use the robots to connect the rail, remove or avoid obstacles, and send passengers to the destination. It is easy to get a 3-star score from the beginning to ensure even kids of age 4 accept the game easily. Then the task upgrades step by step to introduce more coding knowledge. For children trapped at home during the epidemic, this is the best educational toys that can have fun and learn logic training.

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