About Langogo Minutes Voice Recorder & Translator

About Langogo Minutes Voice Recorder & Translator

Powered by AI, Langogo Minutes combines two distinct assistant devices, language translator device, and sound recorder with speech-to-text transcription, in one, eliminating the need for carrying around or using two devices as well as offering additional flexibility to how it’s used. The minute you say, the Minutes will do for you.

When working in language translation mode, it automatically recognizes and displays the text being spoken, translates it into the target language and speaks it out loud. So you can easily communicate with people all over the world.

When working in transcribe recorder mode, it records the audio and auto recognizes and transcribes the spoken word into a written text, which can later be exported to your cloud account as an editable document. It frees you from note-taking and allows you to actually listen to speakers, lecturers or interviewees. More than 100 languages are supported for this speech recognition record and transcribe feature.



Auto language detection and translation

After setup the two languages which need to be translated with each other, unlike other translators, Langogo Minutes doesn't need you to tell it which language is being spoken by tapping on different buttons (A/B Button), it can determine the spoken language by itself and translate it into the target language automatically.

With Langogo, your personal language assistant translator, you can always stay focus during the conversation and better connect with your speaking partner.


Accurate Translation, Online and Offline

In order to generate the most accurate translation result technical possible, Langogo Minutes opt for the ONLINE translation solution (a WiFi-network connection is required), which makes use of more than 20 top specialist translation engines in its area and supports more than 100 languages (Find language list at the end of this content).

As a backup for network connectivity problems, Minutes also works in OFFLINE translation mode with limited languages (currently only available for English, Chinese, Japanese and Korean).


Audio Recorder with instant transcription, No Extra APP Needed

With the simple yet very powerful voice recording function, Langogo Minutes can record a speech up to 13 hours. Thanks to its instant transcription feature, it automatically transforms the recorded audio into text for further use. No more note-taking or tedious manual transcription process, so you can stay focus during the conversation or lecture.

Charge of text transcribing Service: USD5.99/month.

Transcribe service for English is free before 31 December 2020 and lifetime free for Chinese.


Share the translation and transcription record with ease

Langogo Minutes allows you to export the translation record as a PDF file to your email.

It uses the Amazon Cloud to save your transcription content online. Browse www.langogo.ai/cloud to create your account, bind your device with the hint shows in the device, then you can edit and download your transcription text directly from there.


Langogo Minutes Voice Translator is your best partner for interview, lecture, negotiations and travel, take it now!

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