2018 will be recorded in 3D sound!

2018 will be recorded in 3D sound!

New Year always comes with surprises and GenHigh wants to surprise you.

Last year we focused mostly on smart home devices. We understood how the popularity of connected devices had grown exponentially over the past several years. We’ve seen retail stores devote entire sections featuring smart home devices that’s why GenHigh’s brought to you Meross Smart Wi-Fi Plug Mini and Meross WiFi Smart Power Strip Surge Protector.

But the time has come to show some new stuff. 2018 will be recorded in 3D sound!

GenHigh is featuring Scenes Lifelike VR Recording Earphones, 3D headset for binaural recording!

Binaural or Binaural 3D audio is audio captured identically to the way we hear the world. When audio is captured with a binaural microphone, it is capturing the exact location of every sound source. When you listen back to binaural audio recording, you will feel like you are there in the moment, hearing it identically to the way the person who recorded the sounds did. The sound is not just a 3D sound effect, it is a true 3D sound. You can feel every precise variation in that sound-field, from a whisper to a distant wind chime, just like you're really there. The 2d sound is flat, but the 3D sound makes you feel you're truly there in the scene.


The Lifelike 3D headset is not only an awesome earphone with super high-resolution audio quality output but also a portable 3D audio recording gear. The headset instantly creates an immersive 3D audio, which would normally take several weeks time for a professional recording team to complete. Mobile 3D audio capturing is simply plug-and-play. It requires no charging because it directly uses iPhone or iPad power source.


Lifelike 3D audio headset not only works with IOS devices but also can be paired with any computer, Windows, and Mac.

    Lifelike lets you record the complex, 3D environment of the real world in seconds. It works without downloading any app, just use your iPhone, plug in and record. Make the truly 3D video in seconds!

    Scenes Lifelike is available at the GenHigh store! Learn more.

    If you would like to get to know more about Scenes Lifelike, check links below:

    Scenes Sound Official Website

    Scenes Sound Indiegogo

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